The AZ MIST is a new Science Center proposed for the West Valley in the tradition of Great Science Centers enjoyed by millions of people all over America, Canada, and Europe. We consider bringing The AZ MIST to the west valley a very real, important, and historical undertaking. We offer a large and diverse section of well-deserving children and adults the same amenities and attractions that downtown Phoenix has. The west side comprises almost one thousand square miles with over one million people. Our desire is to add our place to the historical museums and World Zoo located in the west valley.  By providing a hands-on science, and innovation center that can grow with the needs of the area we are giving back to the community where we grew up.

Technology is more abundant and the number of children and adults who are required to use it is increasing every day. We at The AZ MIST, have an obligation to serve and support the very programs we have voted into policy and funded in our schools.

AZ MIST will host: MIST, STEAM, and FOG

The Arizona MIST: Museum of Innovation, Science, and Technology

● Permanent Gallery, Hands-ON Science Exhibits
● Temporary Gallery
● STEAM Shop: Maker Space 
● FOG: Future of Gaming, E-Gaming Venue
● Events, Nighttime and Daytime
● Summer and School Break Sessions / Classes
● Teacher Professional Development (PD) in conjunction with local schools and the AZ Department of Education

Our summer and school break programs engage youth with a safe and secure educational environment that kids will love. The FOG is an E-Gaming venue designed and hosted by professionals in the industry with events and competitions.


As a SciTech Institute affiliate, we can host over one thousand people a year for events competitions, and conferences. The Arizona SciTech Festival is a multi-week, colorful showcase of more than 1,000 science, engineering, and technology (STEM) and innovation events in over 50 Arizona cities featuring exhibits, hands-on activities, colorful shows, tours, and discussions. The “ARIZONA STEAM SHOP” Maker-Space at the AZ MIST is a “STEM” based education center focused on incorporating Art as a means to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math simultaneously. “STE[+a]M”, the inclusion of STEM and Art, is a concept in use by over 700 schools and organizations and supported by over 100 corporations in America alone. AZ MIST Maker Space offers 3-D printing, robotics, coding, video and sound engineering, and workplace development to list the top reasons people want to visit over and over again. “Imagine a place where people know they can be creative, where collaboration is a natural occurrence, and invention is inevitable!” –Martin W.

I would like to express my joy and pledge my dedication to this new proposed West Side Science Center Project, The AZ MIST. Our development started in January 2019 and we are grateful for the community support to date. As we continue development, The AZ MIST is seeking support and partnerships with local businesses, state and local governments, schools, and others who are needed to bolster a community anchor such as this. If you want to meet with us or have any questions or concerns, and yes, even advice, please contact Martin Wesolowski.

Thank you for all you do,
Martin Wesolowski